Dr. Who?
Incarnation 3
Regeneration Cause Unknown
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Kinky Dave

The Brigadier

Castellan Ulrich


About Edit

Dr. Who? starts off as very eccentric, and possibly mad. But, by the time of his regeneration, he is a grumpy little sod. He has a knack for escaping inevitable deaths and for meeting the worst possible people.

Outfit Edit

His costume alternates between a light grey tweed coat and a brown coat usually accompanied by his trademark Dr. Who? Scarf™ (available from all good stockists). Under this he wears a tweed waistcoat with shirt and occasionally, a tie or cravat. He also carries the Sonic Screwdriver, which is dull and silver, and can pretty much only open doors and kill Dweeks in this model.

Adventures Edit

The Creature From the Shit Edit

The Doctor walks around the planet of Chalkey Pitari (looking less Chalk-ey than usual), and is ambushed by the hunchbacked Neeple. Neeple asks the doctor for some neeple juice, and shows him around his crib. Eventually The Doctor decides to take him in and informs him that there is some neeple juice in the TARDIS. Neeple is then affectionately renamed to Dave as the pair walk off.

The Assassin of Death Edit

The Doctor, who is riding his trademark vehicle 'The Whooter', is being chased by an Evil Hat Man Assassin. The Doctor crashes into Dave, and the Assassin catches up with him. The Assassin claims The Doctor killed his brother, and then tries to get revenge by shooting The Doctor. The Assassin camply walks off, while the Doctor recovers to find a traffic warden giving 'The Whooter' a parking ticket for parking on a double yellow line (which he adds himself). Dave then attacks the Traffic Warden.

The Foreshadowing Dream Edit

The Doctor is reading a book in the woods (for some reason), and then he falls asleep. When he awakes, he is in a mysterious zone, with a sepia filter slapped over it. He is questioned about his real name, and then finds his next incarnation. The Doctor then wakes up, questioning about what he had been smoking in order to have such a bizarre dream.

The Set of The Doctor Edit

The Doctor is ambushed by the Dweek area member Steve, and is asked to do a heroic pose whilst saying "I am The Doctor!" with his sonic screwdriver. Unfortunately this kills Steve, as the sonic screwdriver was his own weakness. Meanwhile, Dave attacks another Dweek area member, Alex. The duo are then chased by the police until they stop in the woods, in which The Doctor breaks the news to Dave that his Hot Wheels car is gone.

Too Many Dr. Who?s: Fanfilms are Forever Edit

The Doctor and Dave are still in the forest, until they are ambushed by the evil Tape Van who tells The Doctor that his other incarnations are pickled in time like Onions (n' shit). He runs off and is then is replaced by The AMAZING Doctor. He appears later in the white void, in which he assists all the other doctors to defeat the Tape Van, and then has a party with all the Doctors, until Lancashire Doctor is hit in the face with a Yorkshire Tea Teabag.

The Valley of The Chavs Edit

The Doctor continues his search for Dave, after losing him in the wild party of Doctor Whos. He enounters Noople, who he renames to Kinky Dave, due to his leather attire. They are ambushed by chavs, until Kinky Dave bats them up with his savagery battle moves. The two walk off together, as The Doctor decides that two Daves could be better than one.

The Reunion of Dave Edit

Many adventures and one haircut later, The Doctor is wandering in another grassy area, where he is reunited with Dave, who is wearing a mask to protect him from the effects of the Hairybum Weeds. As they leave to go on another adventure, Dave is shot by The AMAZING Doctor, informing us that he did not care. Dr. Who then walks away in sadness.

Two Many Doctor Who?s: Which Who is Doctor Who? Edit