"I am The Doctor!"

The Proper Bonkers Doctor
Incarnation 6
Regeneration Cause Unknown
Prev. Moustache
Companions and Allies

Ninja Bob






Theme Gunslingers

About Edit

The Proper Bonkers Doctor likes to run around and shout his stock catchphrases at others. His adventures often end with him #savingtheday using the sonic screwdriver. He likes custard creams, but often mistakes them for TARDIS self-destruct buttons. He's a born jokester, constantly doing goofy things even in great peril.

Outfit Edit

The Proper Bonkers Doctor's Outfit is quite dark, consisting of a Dark Blue coat and a red or black shirt, with the occasional waistcoat or hoodie to accompany it. However, he also wears some completely stylish converse shoes, making him look like a cool guy. In Series 2, The Doctor gets rid of the red and moves to having a blue shirt, sometimes black, with a black pinstripe jacket and a grey waistcoat. In Series 3, The Doctor wears a messy grey jacket with plain shirts, a grey waistcoat, and a blue tie- however sometimes he does wear a hoodie and/or t-shirt. He later adds red and magenta checked shirts, and a black striped waistcoat to his ensemble, as well as waering a plain black jacket with blue lining in an attempt to avoid his fate as Anti-Doctor.

Adventures Edit

The New DoctorEdit

Upon Regeneration, The Doctor decided to figure out his new personality by eating different types of food. He eventually settled on a custard cream. He then changed his outfit into his new one, as he showed distaste for his previous incarnation's sense of style.

The Evil EmojisEdit

The Doctor located a disturbance in time, and decided to investigate it, finding that evil versions of emojis had escaped from the internet. Luckily, The Doctor managed to save the Day using his sonic screwdriver.

Day of The NinjaEdit

The Doctor tracks down the aincient martial artist Ninja Bob, who he learns Sonicjitzu from. After a faceless villain jumps in to attack him, The Doctor sonics him to death. Ninja Bob is overpowered by The Doctor's majesty and requests to join his travels in time and space, to which The Doctor agrees.

The Lamps of DeathEdit

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The Anti-DoctorEdit

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Too Many Dr. Who?s: Fanfilms Are ForeverEdit

The Proper Bonkers Doctor materializes to replace The AMAZING Doctor, and states that changing through all his bodies is "impossible" and that he must get to the TARDIS.He is then replaced by The Silent Doctor. He appears later in the white void, in which he assists all the other doctors to defeat the Tape Van, and then has a party with all the Doctors, until Lancashire Doctor is hit in the face with a Yorkshire Tea Teabag.

Adventures With Adric Edit

The Doctor picks up Maths child Adric, and they go on many adventures. Well, actually they go on about 2 adventures, and then The Doctor forgets about him and leaves him in the middle of nowhere.

The Garden of DeathEdit

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An Old FriendEdit

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Time of DalekEdit

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Victory of The Master of The DoctorEdit

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Redesign of The DoctorEdit

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Cybermen of DoomEdit

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Time Disturbance of The DoctorEdit

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Deep CanonEdit

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A Ripper in TimeEdit

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Further Adventures with The AMAZING DoctorEdit

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Day of The MoustacheEdit

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The Four DoctorsEdit

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Vengeance of VaytenEdit

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The Doctor ShowdownEdit

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Rock in The SuburbsEdit

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Future EndsEdit

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