The Silent Doctor
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About Edit

The Silent Doctor obsesses over not speaking, for some unknown reason. Nobody knows why, popular theories suggest that it's either a personal preference, or that there is a bomb in his voice box, so should he speak, he will die and regenerate into his future incarnation, who he doesn't particularly like for his loud, booming voice.

He claims it was due to the Universal Courts sentencing him to eternal silence due to an unknown and unspeakable crime, possibly genocide, planetary destruction or having a really annoying voice.

The Silent Doctor tends to defeat his enemies using logic, rather than actually doing anything (mainly due to budgetary reasons). For example, he defeated The Master (who was going to kill the Doctor for killing his brother) by revealing that the Master doesn't have a brother. He also outwitted Ian Levine by distracting him with cake.

Outfit Edit

The Silent Doctor wears an alternating shirt and a grey jacket with braces, which is fairly baggy, making the him look rather Chaplin-esque, in keeping with his silent nature and over-the-top facial expressions. He later wears a short-sleeved shirt with a question-mark collar, applied by the great Marker Pen of Razzilon.

Adventures Edit

The Deadly Foe Edit

The Doctor explores an unknown location which looks suspiciously similar to someone's house. He is ambushed by a mysterious hat man, who claims that the Doctor killed his brother. It turns out the evil hat man is The Master. The Doctor outsmarts him by explaining to the master that his motives are void, as he does not have a brother.

The Feast of Ian Edit

The Doctor is informed by the TARDIS that there are some missing episodes located, inside Ian Levine's kitchen. The Doctor locates the missing episodes in the fridge, but is ambushed by Ian Levine. The Doctor is able to escape by distracting Ian with some cake. In the TARDIS, The Doctor wonders about who set The TARDIS to locate the episodes.

Generic "of The Daleks" Title of The Daleks Edit

The Doctor discovers a Dalek spaceship and lands onboard to investigate. Due to the incompetence of the Daleks, The Doctor is able to sneak over to the ship's controls and explode the spaceship. He talks about this adventure to his new companion Frank, a sentient puppet placed in the TARDIS by his future incarnations as a joke.

Time of Kroton Edit

Prior to this story, The Doctor blew up a Kroton ship (which probably didn't take too much effort, due to the fact it was made out of eggboxes and tin foil. Much later, The Doctor is relaxing in the TARDIS until being ambushed by the Kroton Predictor. The Kroton Predictor says that The Doctor is becoming too dangerous and prejudiced towards aliens, and also that a terrible danger is coming, that will require all of his many incarnations to save the day. The Kroton also kills Frank for the drama, and then dematerializes.

Too Many Dr. Who?s: Fanfilms Are Forever Edit

The Silent Doctor materializes to replace The Proper Bonkers Doctor, and has a conversation with The Valeyard. He then tracks the time disturbance and is replaced by The Cheerful Doctor. He appears later in the white void, in which he assists all the other doctors to defeat the Tape Van, and then has a party with all the Doctors, until Lancashire Doctor is hit in the face with a Yorkshire Tea Teabag.

The Night of Nightmares Edit


Two Many Doctor Who?s: Which Who is Doctor Who? Edit