"I am The Doctor, and I have my SONIC GOGGLES!"

The Steampunk Doctor
Incarnation Unknown (Alt.)
Regeneration Cause Unknown
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About Edit

The Steampunk has little to no personality, but he's mainly like The Proper Bonkers Doctor. However, The Steampunk Doctor has a better sense of class and style.

Outfit Edit

The Steampunk Doctor's outfit consists of The Sonic Goggles, black trousers, a dark grey waistcoat, a white shirt, a black long coat, and a bright red tie to stop him from being monochromatic. He has occasionaly mixed it up with some jeans or a black shirt, but that'snot much really.

Adventures Edit

The Clockwork MenaceEdit


Dark Darkness of The Doctor Edit

The Doctor makes his way through the Dark streets of Neo-Steam-Londonpool. He is ambushed by a shady Hat Man, who threatens his life, becuase apparently the Doctor killed his brother. The Doctor uses his Sonic Goggles to disarm him and the Evil Hat Man retreats camply. The Doctor trips over in the dark when departing.

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The Four DoctorsEdit


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